[News 21 Mar 09] Future Scenarios: How Communities can adapt to Peak Oil and Climate Change, a book version of the content on this website with a new foreword is now available through Chelsea Green in the US and is soon to be released by Green Books in the UK.  Australian customers will be able to buy the title shortly through the Holmgren Design Services website.

    [News 13 Aug 08] A two hour interview with David by Jason Bradford on the future scenarios is now available in two parts at Global Public Media: part one | part two

    [Site updates 13 Aug 08] A new page explores how one scenario is likely to lead to another in a stepwise transition. Due to all the new pages, we've split off Reactions to the Scenarios into a new section.

    [Major update 31 Jul 08] The site now has five new pages in the Descent Scenarios section, including much content which was left out inadvertently from the original version of the site. Also a new menu item on the top right 'print' allows you to read and print the entire main content of the site.

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    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 February 2011 )

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